Brother Printer Drivers for Windows 7 – Tips for Compatibility

It has been said and translated many times that Change is the only constant thing in life. This definitely is how it is in technology as everything changes, mostly for the better, and all we can do is go with the flow.

When Microsoft introduced its new operating system, Windows® 7, Brother® had worked with them hand in hand in order to have their customers enjoy a large number of Brother® products with the new OS. The drivers for many models are available through the Windows® 7 DVD or are available through Windows Update. The drivers included in the DVD are built into the operating system.

You may also download the Brother original drivers for Windows 7 from the Brother Solutions Center. These drivers may include more functionality as well as additional utilities.

Options Available

For some of us though, who are not tech-savvy, our first thought may be, am I going to be able to use my Brother printer to work again, or shall I have to buy a new one that’s compatible with Windows® 7?

Well, no worries as there are options available out there to fix this problem. If you have just upgraded to Windows® 7, and were wondering if your Brother printer will work with the new OS, don’t fret as it is quite easy to find out. You may go online at the Brother Solutions Center page and here you will find a complete list of all Brother Printers that may or may not be included in the Windows DVD, or which may be available for Download.

Keeping Your Specific Printer in Mind

Different solutions are available for different printers, so it is important that you know the model number of your Brother printer. With this information at hand, check the list from the Brother site, and search for your particular Brother printer. Most likely, you will find it there, and will give you further information whether the driver is already included in the Windows® 7 OS, where you only have to just plug your printer in, and Windows will automatically find your hardware and automatically install it.

Brother Solutions Center

In case your printer driver is not built into the Windows® 7 OS, it may be available for Download online at the Brother Solutions Center. On that list, each Brother® printer, fax, DCP, and MFC models are listed.

On this list, it is specified which products are included on the Windows® 7 DVD, available thru Windows Update, or thru the Brother Solutions Center.

Contacting Brother for Help

One of the easiest solutions for getting a new driver is through contacting customer service and seeing what they have to offer. By telling them what printer you own, it is likely that they can give you a new driver through the mail or emailing you a download. Most likely, as Brother Technical Support can be very helpful, they will guide you through the process of going online and using the Brother Solutions Center.

This is the most legitimate way to get your issue fixed and have your Brother printer working once again.

Looking for Solutions Online

It is also possible that you look for other solutions online thru different forums and websites. By taking the time to browse and read thru these pages, you may be able to find a solution that would work great for your printer.

Checking out Updated Driver Versions

The problem with your Brother printer may be as simple as the driver needing an update. By looking at what the most recent version available, you can determine if you will be able to get the printer working again without needing a whole new driver. By heading over to Brother’s website here, you can have the solution right away and get it updated to the current version.

By trying out different solutions, you will likely be able to have it working once again without a problem. Seeking out different Brother Printer drivers for Window 7 will eliminate problems almost instantly and ensure that you have everything working properly.

Getting your printer properly working without a driver can be difficult if you do not know where to look. By taking your time seeing what options are available, you can have the printer working properly once again without a problem.

Instead of just brushing off a solution and trying to get a new printer from Brother, you can seek out a new driver through contacting customer service and seeing what options they have available. You can also browse through downloadable drivers that are available online and see what kind of options is available.

You should also make sure that the driver is updated to the latest version, as this can often be the reason for it not performing properly or working at all.

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