Brother Printer Drivers Windows 7 – Finding the Right Solution

Many people have come across the issue of needing to re-install their printer because of upgrading to Windows® 7, but they find that their current Brother printer is not compatible to the new OS. It isn’t just a matter of re-installing the printer with the old CD driver which you may still have at hand, but it is also a matter of upgrading the driver.

For some of us who are not as tech-savvy as most, it may seem impossible to get the printer re-installed now; however, there are a couple of available options that can work perfectly. Both options mean contacting Brother, whether online or by phone, and be able to get Technical Support to help you. By going through these options, you are more than likely to get your upgraded Brother Printer drivers for Window 7 working great on your computer without a problem.

Brother Technical Support Online

You can always get online at the Brother official website, where you can click the link to Service & Support Downloads/FAQs/Help & More.

On this page, to find the right driver for your printer, you must have your product model information ready, as you will need to identify your product. Clicking on the link for Software Downloads you will be asked to indicate the product group where your product falls under, i.e. printers or multi-functions, and upon selecting that, you will get the chance to identify your product model, and click View to see the results of your search which would appear at the bottom of the page.

One option that will result here is Windows 7 Driver Information, and when you select that option, you will be directed to the List of Brother Models compatible with Windows® 7. You then look for your printer model among the list, and see whether your driver is:

  1. Included in the Windows® 7 DVD. If it is already included in the Windows® 7 DVD, there’s nothing else you need to do but plug your printer in, as this means, the driver is already built into the operating system. Therefore, when you plug in your printer, Windows will look for the driver automatically from its system, and once recognized, will install it directly, and will keep you posted if the device has been installed successfully, and ready for use.
  2. Available thru Windows Update. During the initial installation of Windows 7, not all available printer drivers are listed. In this case, if it’s indicated that the driver is available thru Windows Update, clicking the Windows Update button will cause the operating system to query Microsoft’s servers and download the remaining available drivers. Click here to learn how to update the printer list using Windows Update.
  3. Available for Download at the Brother Solutions Center. If it’s available at the Brother Solutions Center, you may click Download, and you will be directed to the page particular to your product. Follow the instructions to begin the download process, and soon enough you will be installing your upgraded driver to Windows® 7 OS.

Select the most appropriate option for your product. Whatever you select, it will direct you to the proper process of acquiring the printer driver for your product that will make it useable with Windows® 7.

Contacting Brother By Email or Phone

The easiest way to get a new driver sent over is through contacting Brother by email or phone. You can likely get help through contacting customer service and explaining your situation. It is important that you have the printer model number on hand so that you can give the customer service representative the information they need.

Click the link for Customer Support (Contact Customer Service), and you will be asked again for your product information. When you have indicated this info, you will then be directed to the Contact details page.

If you prefer to contact Brother in the U.S. by phone, here are the details:

7777 North Brother Blvd.
Bartlett, Tennessee 38133
1-877-BROTHER (877-276-8437)
901-379-1215 (fax)
M-F, 9:00am to 8:00pm Eastern Time

Check your location for the local contact numbers for Brother if you live outside the U.S.

But if you prefer to contact Brother by email, it leads you to several topics that will help describe your inquiry: Supplies, Accessories and Feature options; Product Setup and Operations; Troubleshooting Hardware and Machine issues; Troubleshooting Software Issues; and Anything not covered above. In this case, selecting Troubleshooting Software Issues would be the most appropriate option.

Selecting that, it will then direct you to the Online Solutions page, where you have 2 further options: one is to Ask Brother via Email, and the other is by going through FAQs about the topic, and if the answers to any of these FAQs still do not answer your own question, then the first option would be your best method.

As a side note, the Customer Support page has also the option for Live Chat assistance as well, which may be available at certain hours of the day. This could be a better option as you can get an answer quick.

These are the best options that you can go through in finding the right solution to getting your printer driver updated to work with Windows 7. Easy enough for just about anyone to follow, even the non-techie.

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