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On Amazon’s Customer Review section of the PIXMA MG8120 All-In-One Wireless Photo Inkjet Printer , about 54% out of 138 people who reviewed this product had rated it 5 out of 5 stars, 21% rated it 4, 10% – 3, 4% – 2, and 9% rated it 1. As you will notice, there are a high number of customers who are generally satisfied with the performance of the MG8120, which is dubbed as having excellent quality, versatility and functionality in one, in spite of some negatives that people have complained about.

As it is an All-in-One printer, the functions include photo printing, document printing, copying, and scanning. I’m going to talk about each function and what comments were made and posted by users on Amazon.

Photo printing

This All-in-One device allows you to print still photos from HD movie clips that are captured with compatible Canon PowerShot or EOS Digital SLR cameras. The built-in Wi-Fi gives you the freedom to move around and print photos from anywhere in your local network whether at home or at work using compatible iPod touch, iPhone and Android™ devices.

Wireless photo printing is likewise possible through PictBridge connection with compatible digital camera, camera phone or DV camcorder, and even through Bluetooth using the optional Canon BU-30 wireless Bluetooth adapter.

You can produce professional lab quality photo prints with the six individual ink tanks using the ChromaLife100 system, and at maximum resolutions of up to 9600 x 2400 dpi. It now includes gray ink that is used on professional black & white and color photos. The only problem that many have complained about is its high ink consumption.

The MG8120 likewise allows you to print from your memory cards directly without the use of a computer, selecting images through an LCD display. The resulting clear and crisp photos show accurate and vivid colors. A 4″ x 6″ borderless photo takes approximately 20 seconds to print.

A user had posted that this AiO printer includes a photo editing software that is easy to use but is very basic and would be better to use other software like Photoshop, or even Picasa. Paper loading through its Automatic Sheet Feeder at the back that can accommodate up to 150 sheets is best for smaller printer paper; while the Cassette in front that has a capacity of 150 sheets as well, can load regular paper.

Another user had claimed that upon comparing photo prints from a professional lab photo counter, and the MG8120, the photos from this printer were loads brighter and more accurate to the colors, brightness, and contrast of the real subjects shot; obviously showing that the Canon prints were better. Even tried to print again on another type of paper, the Canon had still come out the winner.

Document printing

This multifunction device produces vivid, crisp and clear black texts, and not too surprisingly as it uses two black ink cartridges. It has print speeds of approximately 12.5 ipm on Black, and 9.3 ipm on Color. These values were average results of ESAT on Office Category Test for the default simplex mode.

As one customer had said, the document quality is very good, although still not as near-laser quality than he hoped, but a major disappointment is that documents print slowly, from preparing to print and when it starts to print, it’s very slow. If you’re one to print documents in volume regularly, then this printer is not for you as the lack of speed will drive you nuts!

The MG8120 has a Built-in Auto Duplex Printing that allows you to print on both sides of a paper, thus reducing your paper consumption by 50%. This is Canon’s contribution to saving Mother Earth’s environment.


Copy speed is up to 15 seconds approximately per sheet, has a reduction and enlargement capacity range from 25% to 400%, and a lot of copy features.

A customer had said instant copying is a breeze for any occasional photocopying needs. Color copying available as well, with colors still rendered accurately.


The PIXMA MG8120 has a high 9600 dpi resolution CCD scanner that includes an adapter for scanning 35mm slides and film. There is no warm-up time for image or document scanning with its white LED light source, whereas the Auto Document Fix analyzes images and corrects data area by area automatically, thereby resulting in exceptional and easy to view scans. It is a flatbed scanner that can scan a document up to a maximum 8.5″ x 11.7″ size.

Some people have posted that it did a great job on all kinds of documents but with printing up to 600 dpi only for black text documents, it could be a deal breaker for some. A user had said scanned photos can come out less detailed and warmer than the original photo, but correctable using a photo editing software like Photoshop. However, like he had said, you shouldn’t have to.


The MG8120 has a sleek and beautiful design, with an interface that turns the top of the printer a touch panel. The Intelligent Touch System uses light-guided direction that is controlled by touch sensitively, and lights up only the buttons you need.

Measuring 18.5″ wide x 15.5″ deep x 7.9″ high, and 23.6 lbs heavy, the MG8120 is not too small yet not too big either that you’ll need a big space for it on your work area.

As one customer had put it, using the MG8120 can be a complete pleasure with the beauty of the thing itself and its easy to use interface.

In closing

This model is one of the more dependable All-in-One printers that Canon has offered over the years. Overall, it is a great buy. It retailed at around $300 when it first came out, not really inexpensive, but I don’t really know why these days, it is a lot more expensive than when it first came out.

That kind of pricing normally applies to antiques and collectibles, but this Canon model is neither an antique nor a unique item in itself. There are lesser priced all-in-one printers on the market but if what you’re after is professional high quality photo prints, then the MG8120 would be a good choice.

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