MG6220 Review – Customer Ratings and Complaints – Pixma Printer

The PIXMA MG6220 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One is one of the latest All-in-One offerings from Canon. Like the other photo AiO’s, this multifunction machine’s best feature is its wireless printing capacity which is provided by the built-in Wi-Fi® technology. You can print anywhere you may be located within your local network whether you use the printer at your small home office or just at home. The same goes for scanning. All-in-One Highlights Canon’s latest technology of Intelligent Touch System turns the top of the printer into a touch panel that lights up only the buttons that you need. It has […]

MG8220 Review – User Ratings and Complaints – Canon Pixma

A New All-in-One This fairly new product from Canon, the PIXMA MG8220 All-In-One Wireless Photo Inkjet Printer has been built with a smooth, fine-looking design, and offers a combination of ease of use, outstanding quality and flexibility. Its feature highlights start with the Wi-Fi connectivity which is built-in that allows you to scan and print anywhere in your own home or office wirelessly. It has the Intelligent Touch System by Canon that makes the top of the printer into a touch panel that is quick to respond where only the buttons you need will be illuminated. It can print borderless […]

Canon Pixma 480 Printer

Whether you are purchasing a new printer to help keep up with your workload or as a replacement to an outdated model, it is crucial that you do research on the possible options before buying. Many people are drawn to the Canon MP480 All-in-One Photo Printer because it is a great all-in-one model, allowing you to print, scan, and copy documents with ease. Canon is definitely a great brand to choose for your new printer, as they are recognized globally for their suburb quality of prints and other excellent features. By selecting one of their printers, you will be able […]

Investing in Canon ip100

The best thing to do when shopping for a new printer is relying on a brand that can be trusted for its high quality. Canon is a reputable brand for high quality because they are consistent with their printers in terms of reliability and quality in the documents they produce. A good model for somebody seeking a mobile printer is the Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Printer. Being fully portable is not inexpensive but the value and freedom it gives you is priceless. It is transported easily; and it does not compromise quality by being portable. Impressive Quality, Compact Size An […]

PIXMA iP100 Mobile Printer

Many business professionals are traveling from hotel to hotel on some of the many business trips they take. Do you ever find yourself wishing you could just bring a printer with you instead of running down to the concierge desk to print those final projects? The way the modern business person or executive works these days they are not always just at the office desk. Portability is everything these days. Well now with a Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Photo Printer, you have another valuable tool to free you from the confines of the office. What Its Good For This slim, […]

Balanced Pixma 480 Review

When it comes to electrical gadgets, only the best will do. A lot of companies promise their customers the best, only to back track on their promises as if there was something extremely frightening about revealing the truth. The canon Pixma 480 is a really handy printer to have. But like any other product on the market, these days there are advantages and disadvantages to using it. This is the much-awaited Canon Pixma review you are looking for. The set up procedure will always be the first procedure to be performed whenever you buy a printer. Installing a printer and […]

Some Options For The Best Printers For Laptops

If you use a laptop frequently when you’re on the go and you need a printing function then you probably have a need for one of the best printers for laptops that you can buy. One thing that many people complain about is how slow printers can be that are designed for portable use. With the way technology advances, this has changed in the last couple of years and printers have gained a lot of ground in the mobile market. It used to be that you’d be lucky to find a printer that can print five pages per minute and […]

The Best Mobile Printer Has To Be the IP100 by Canon

Canon is ahead of the competition when it comes to high quality print and innovation. Nobody really thought anyone could come up with a portable mobile printer to match an office inkjet but Canon has. Their nearest rivals in this field are HP and they have produced some excellent models too in portable mobile printer technology, but for supreme print quality then Canon has eclipsed them. A Little History Canon is a Japanese company founded as far back as 1937 with their headquarters in Ota, Tokyo and has a net income of $3.044 billion and employs as many as 198,572 […]

The BJC-80 as The Best Canon Portable Printer

There is nothing worse than heading out on a business trip and finding out your hotel does not have a printer in their business center. When you need important documents for a presentation or meeting, it can be a hassle and expensive for last minute printing at the local print shop. Not only that, but do you really want to have to keep going down to the lobby, or business center. The solution for many these days is a portable printer. In the color portable printer world, there are 2 main players. HP and Canon are streets ahead of the […]

The Great Value of the IP100 Printer

Those looking to enhance their printing experience are well advised to look towards those items in the Canon inventory. Canon has long since established itself as one of the very best manufacturers of printers in the industry. However, with the IP100 printer, you could say that Canon has greatly exceeded even the most optimistic expectations as to what the company is capable of. Why is this so? A closer examination of what the printer has to offer will reveal the answer… The most obvious benefit of employing this printer is the fact that its images are completely crystal clear. Those […]