Network Printer Offline Windows 7 – Seeking out a Solution

Getting printers hooked up to a single network is a great idea in an office and a home as well. You can control the actions of all the printers with one single model and be able to get it hooked up the internet with ease as well. While it is definitely nice, there are often a lot of problems that can arise.

If you are having trouble with your network printer going offline when using Windows 7, it is helpful to do a little research and really see what is available as solutions. Before you go ahead and think there is a huge problem with your printer and you need to call the doctor or call it quits, check all the options that are available to you, and you can have the problem solved without any money spent and sooner than you think.

Here are a few things to go through that can help you restore your printer and get it back online.

Double Checking Everything is Connected Properly

The first thing you will need to do is double checking that everything is connected properly. That’s pretty much basic but a lot of people are quick to think something is wrong with the printer when all it needs is a couple plugs put back in. By checking out that all cables are connected properly and the printer itself, then you can ensure yourself that that isn’t where the problem lies, and go on to the next step.

Updating the Driver to the Latest Version

One of the most common issues causing printers to become offline is the driver could be outdated. Check the printer’s driver if it has been updated to run with the new Windows® 7 OS. If not, then check to see if a driver update is available, depending on your printer. Check your printer manufacturer’s website for available driver downloads and check if your printer is listed.

Regularly seeking out newly updated drivers will help ensure that your printer is working as effortless as possible. This will prevent it from going offline again and also help it run more efficiently. In case your printer driver is fully updated, and your network printer is still offline, then move onwards to the next possible solution.

Performing a System Restore

In case the first two options didn’t work, Microsoft had suggested performing a System Restore. This is a very simple process and can be done by those who aren’t exactly computer savvy.

System Restore

  1. Click the Start Button, type “system restore” (with no quotation marks) on the Start Search box and press Enter.
  2. Click “Choose a different point” and click Next.
  3. Check “Show more restore points” box.
  4. Choose a date before the issue happened, and click Next.
  5. Click Finish.

Courtesy of Microsoft Windows Forum

Disabling SNMP Option

If none of the above had helped restore your printer, there is another option that you may want to try. This is disabling the SNMP option on your printer. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Devices and Printers;
  2. Select the printer you are having problems with and right click on it and select Printer Properties;
  3. Select the Ports tab
  4. Select Configure Port
  5. Uncheck SNMP Status Enabled and select OK.

Courtesy of Microsoft Windows Forum

Re-Installing the Printer

If everything listed above has failed, your last option is through re-installing the printer completely. While this may seem like a pain, it is one of the last resort options before deciding to purchase a new printer. All you need to do is go to ‘Devices and Printers’ and remove the selected printer. You will then proceed to re-installing it again. This typically solves the problem, while it can take a bit of time to complete.

In a Nutshell

If your network printer has started going offline and not connecting properly, it is helpful to utilize the different solutions that are available. Before you go ahead and think you need to toss your current printer out, find a solution first that may work for your issue and get it to working properly once again.

Perform a research on the internet which is now the quickest and easiest way to get information. Just plainly starting a search via your favorite search engine, i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and typing the words, Network Printer Offline Windows 7, and you will quickly get all the possible answers to your search. You will be directed to various customer forums where each participant tries to give an answer to the issue at hand.

As this is mainly a Windows® issue, it is also good to check out the Microsoft website and search through their archives for any fixes they may offer as far as this problem is concerned.

Being patient and trying out the different solutions offered will help ensure that you can get your printer in good working condition once again without any problem. While some of these options may sound time consuming, they do not require any money and they can have your network printer working once again without a problem.

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