Canon Portable Printer – Choosing the Right Model for Your Needs

The reasons for the rise in popularity with the portable printer are fairly obvious. Mostly desired by traveling executives and anyone that is out of town frequently on business and in many cases not even work related. Knowing Your Need as First Requirement It is often simply packed along with the laptop. Whether you need color prints or simply black documents then you can find something to fit that bill. No point in having extra features if you are not going to use them. So it’s simply a case of review your need before you start your search. Well Canon […]

Nothing Compares To a Canon Portable Printer

When it comes to portable printers, Canon rules. They have the most advanced designs, offer the most features, and speed and quality stats blow everyone else away. On top of that, Canon has good customer service, which cannot be said for every printer company in the field. Two of Canon’s most popular portable printers are also two of their best. They are the Canon Pixma iP100 and the Canon Pixma iP90. I will briefly review these two models and you can decide which one is a better fit for you. Notice I did not say ‘if’ one of these models […]