Infoprint 4100, A3 Laser Printer for Heavy Tasks

As a writer on small printers, I find myself a little dizzy reporting on an industrial scale printer. I’m usually impressed with over 30ppm but with the InfoPrint 4100, you are looking at speeds a little beyond our understanding when were thinking in terms of pages per minute, here were talking High speed at up to 330 linear ft/100.6 m per minute which translates too faster than anything you have even thought about as a small printer user. To make it a little more understandable, let’s call it capable of printing 1,440 letter size pages in just one minute. I’m […]

Do You Need An A3 Laser Printer?

A3 laser printers do not come cheap. So if you’re thinking of buying one of these machines, it is very important that you really need one. Laser printers cost more than a thousand bucks and having a laser printer that is capable of printing on larger formats will definitely not make the price go anywhere but up. In order for us to determine whether you need an A3 laser printer, let us first see what exactly an A3 laser printer offers. Laser printers are generally designed for high volume printing. If you can check on the monthly duty cycles of […]