What Is The Fastest Computer Laser Printer?

When laser printers were invented, one of its primary goals was to overcome the inkjet’s speed in printing. An inkjet printer usually prints by running a print head back and forth across a page until it finishes the whole page.

On the other hand, a computer laser printer rolls out a page and everything is supposed to be there. Do you see now the difference? A computer laser printer does not have a print head therefore does not have to wait for it to go back across a page before rolling out the paper.

Since laser printers are built for speed, it is only natural for people to ask what the fastest computer laser printer is. If you have $500,000 for the basic model to spare you can enjoy speeds of 330ppm. But it’s unlikely to fit in your living room very comfortably.

The answer to that question is the Infoprint 4100. The Infoprint 4100 Advanced Function Printing System is an industrial laser printer designed for very heavy jobs. In fact, it is built to produce publications, mailings and books.

Realistically Fast

Well as we feature small printers on this website, let’s leave that alone and focus on realistic models that we can use in our business or even home. Dell has made a claim that they have the fastest laser printer. The 5130CDN Laser Printer can print single sided documents at 47ppm for both black and color prints. Double sided can be printed at 37ppm as well in letter size.

Its other claim to fame is that it uses a technology called ColorbyDell, where as the toner fuses at a lower temperature which in turn makes it extremely economical and produces superb quality prints. From the bosses point of view it’s a godsend as it can monitor workgroup activity. All this and you have administrative management support.

It retails at over $1500 which is an amazing price but even more amazing prices can be found online for as low as $1000. It’s not surprisingly not exactly compact with dimensions of 30.3 x 27.8 x 27.7 inches and a hefty 125 pounds.


The 3330DN Laser Printer from Dell is a fast monochrome printer that can turn out prints at 40ppm. It retails at $560 but can be found cheaper, as low as $415. Many businesses need nothing other than a black document printer and if you need to turn out fast documents this is terrific value. It can perform 2-sided prints and has a resolution of 600 x 600 DPI and a 250 sheet tray.

High Quality

If you have a larger budget then the Dell 7130cdn Color Laser Printer can reach print speeds of 35ppm black and color. The resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi and it uses PANTONE® which is Dell’s system to produce fine quality prints with professional manipulation of color saturation to bring out the best in your prints.

The first print out time is as fast as 6.5 seconds in both mono and color. It can handle 11″ X 17″; in fact, it prints up to 12.6″ x 47.2″ size and has duplex printing as a standard. It is made to handle the most difficult of printing jobs including heavy media handling up to 100 lbs. The retail value for this model is $2800 but on Amazon you can expect to pay around $2350. All these printers from Dell are fast and the larger paper size laser printers tend to be very expensive.

More Fast Laser Printers

So that’s the options that Dell has to offer for speed but there are plenty more to look at. The over 40ppm is a very fast printer but more commonly people would be using such as the Brother HL-5340D High Speed Laser Printer with Duplex.

This is a monochrome workhorse that is as quick as 32ppm, auto duplex and a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. It has 300-Sheet standard paper capacity which is expandable and a 50-Sheet capacity multi-purpose tray for envelopes. It can be found at a very affordable $150. It boasts low running costs and a high-yield 8,000-page toner cartridge is available.

These high speeds come at a cost and you pay for the extra paper handling and especially larger sizes. Most of us do not need such high speeds or such heavy demand on paper handling. Color laser printers are becoming cheaper and catching up with the sales of monochrome. This reflects the fact that they are becoming less expensive.

The faster laser printers are one pass printers and if it advertizes itself as one pass then the more direct route for the paper speeds up the print time. They are the way of the future and speeds are likely to become quicker as more one pass as opposed to multi pass are being produced.

Finding high speeds of 40ppm plus is a difficult task but faster speeds are likely to increase with the one pass laser printers being produced. Keep your eye on the market as advancement in print speeds are happening and will become more of a standard over a short period of time.

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